Sunday 3 November 2019

Chronology 1966



18.01.1966         Bihar and Maharashtra Committees affiliated.

29.03.1966         Uttar Pradesh Committee affiliated.

21.05.1966         Resolved to carry out the sale of Swami Vivekananda literature as one of the Committee's activities.

24.08.1966         A bullock cart and a pair of bullocks were purchased to transport stones from Madhavapuram yard to the Main stone dressing yard.

03.09.1966         Drilling core sample on the major Vivekananda Rock started.

13.10.1966         Sri H.S. Anantaramaiah, an Engineer from Podanur, Coimbatore has been requested to lend his services as Honorary Engineer – In-charge of the Transport operation at Kanyakumari in consultation with the works sub-committee.

13.10.1966         Sri P. Balakrishna Iyer (Retd. Post Master General) appointed as Honorary Officer on special duty to supervise, guide and assist the working of the Committee's offices at Madras and Kanyakumari with special reference to matters concerning accounts.

13.10.1966         Decided to bring out a souvenir entitled "India's Mission and Her Missionaries Abroad" on the occasion of inauguration of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial.

01.11.1966         The Vivekananda Rock Memorial Committee, Madras State was affiliated.

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