Monday 29 January 2018

Sister Nivedita: The Dedicated - Who gave her all to India – 26

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

Nivedita as ardent devotee of Mother India awakened national consciousness - 5

Nivedita also always made it clear to British persons in India that she belongs to India and Indians are her people. One day she, accompanied by litterateur Dinesh Sen, was travelling in a tram car. An Englishman, noticing her to be white-skinned, was about to sit beside her. Nivedita looked at him with great annoyance. The Englishman, with his head downcast, left to find another seat. Then Nivedita rather willfully came closer to Dinesh Sen and began to discuss things, smilingly. She made it clear that not the English but the brown Indians were her own people.

Nivedita detested the English people so deeply that she would be angry with anyone who showed undue devotion towards them. One day Jadunath Sarkar was praising one such historian. Nivedita sharply retorted. 'Oh! Don't speak of him, he is a flatterer of the English.'

India was a holy land to Nivedita. Each and every person of India was sacred in her perception. One day the milkman who regularly supplied her with milk, asked her to speak something about Dharma. However, Nivedita felt diffident, rather at fault. She saluted him repeatedly and said, 'You are an Indian. What advice do you seek from me? What is that which you do not already know? You belong to the dynasty of Sri Krishna. I salute you once again.'

Living in Bengal, Nivedita developed a deep sense of respect and devotion for ceremonial worships, festivals and folk rituals. She used to worship Devi Sarasvati in her school every year. Putting the sacred mark of Homa (ceremonial fire) on her forehead, she would be joyously moving around on bare feet. Utterance of the word 'puja' itself would overwhelm her with emotion.

To be Continued

हमें कर्म की प्रतिष्ठा बढ़ानी होंगी। कर्म देवो भव: यह आज हमारा जीवन-सूत्र बनना चाहिए। - भगिनी निवेदिता {पथ और पाथेय : पृ. क्र.१९ }
Sister Nivedita 150th Birth Anniversary :
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