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Chronology of Sister Nivedita's Life - 7

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

1905  February 8. Designs India's national flag.

February 11. Lord Curzon, the Viceroy, in his Convocation Address at the Calcutta University, makes as persons against the truthfulness of the people of the East.

February 13. Contributes an unsigned note in Amrita Bazar Patrika, exposing Curzon himself to be untruthful. The note gets wide publicity.

February 14. Again writes on the same topic in the Statesman, 'The Highest Ideal of Truth.'

March 11. A mammoth protest meeting at Town Hall.-She thinks Curzon 'an incarnation of insolence and evil.'-Finishes Aggressive Hinduism. (Publication as book, later in the year, by G.A. Natesan & Co., Madras)

March 13. Seriously ill, meningitis.

April 4. Sarada Devi comes to see her. ("I never saw a face so full of love."0

May-June. At Darjeeling with the Boses.

July 20. Announcement of Partition of Bengal, on plea of better administration. – Protest meetings all over the land.

August 7. Huge protest meeting at the Town Hall. –She warmly and actively supports 'Federation Hall' proposal-Swadeshi Movement sweeps the country.

August. First publication of her An Indian Study of Love and Death, by Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London, a book of poems, mostly free translations of Sanskrit prayers, hymns and litanies.

September. Gokhale goes to England. –She introduces Gokhale with a letter to William Stead.

September 20. Writes to Gokhale in England about the tremendous power of Bengal's Swadeshi Movement.

October 16. Govt. implements Partition. Two provinces come into being. 'Bengal' and 'Eastern Bengal and Assam'.-A day of mourning for the Bengalees and Indians.

December 25-31. Annual session of the Indian National Congress at Benares; President Gokhale.-She joins, makes a speech, instrumental in persuading Gokhale the moderate, to support Boycott proposal for Bengal, successful for a time in her efforts at averting parting of the Moderates and the Extremists.

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