Thursday 2 November 2017

Chronology of Sister Nivedita's Life - 5

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

1903 January. One of the five members of a Central Committee of Revolutionary Groups, formed under the leadership of Aurobindo.

March. Nivedita's letters being intercepted by police.

March 20. Writes to G.K. Gokhale inspiring words of nationalism. (Already in friendship with him.)

April. Sends boys of her 'Vivekananda Home' on mission of adventure to Pindary Glacier under Sadananda. Corresponds with William Stead, editor of Review of Reviews, regarding starting of an Indian review.

May. Lectures at Midnapore; establishes contacts with the revolutionaries there.

July. At Darjeeling with the Boses. Works on her own book, also on Bose's papers.

September 7. Finishes Web of Indian Life, dedicates it to her Guru, Vivekananda. Feels Vivekananda has written the book through her.

December 10. Gopuler Ma. Comes to stay with her at the ripe old age of ninety. (She stayed in the house for two and half years. Nivedita felt her house had been sanctified by her presence).

January-December. Goes on writing vigorously on nationalism and kindred subjects from this year onwards in almost all the important journals of India.

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