Wednesday 14 December 2016

The Hindu view of Life -20

Bharatmata - A Living Embodiment
Shri Guruji had tremendous faith in the future of our country. But he also believed that mere faith and hope are not enough to carve out a golden era. His diagnosis of the situation was realistic - neither pessimistic nor optimistic. This is how he summed up his vision about our future and the way to achieve it.

"The real trouble with us in this country is that we do not have a goal before us. There is no sense of mission. Without it no country can become great. We must not merely exist, we must live. Bharat must show to the world that spirituality does not deny worldly life; it, in fact, fulfils it. Unless we as a nation adopt such an exalted goal, and strive for it, people's energies will not be released, and there will be no great achievements. The tragedy of the present situation is that those with patriotic instincts who ought to work do not work at all and the anti-national forces work with tremendous energy.

Ravana was very active; he fought in the three worlds and conquered everything. But Janaka and so many other good people were only sitting, contemplating on the Absolute or doing penance and sacrifices. And only when a very active man, Rama, came on the scene could things be reversed. He traveled throughout the country in the name of Vanavaasa, gathered a large army and defeated Ravana.

It only means that it is not enough for persons to be good, they should become active and dynamic; then only evil can be checked. Our future is what we make of it. Everything depends upon how we will and strive for it. You must have heard of the Subhaashita: Udyamena hi siddhyanti kaaryaani na manorathaih Na hi suptasya simhasya pravishanti mukhe mrigaah. (It is only through effort that works are accomplished, not through just desires. The prey won't enter into the sleeping lion's mouth of their own accord).

Samartha Ramadas has declared: 'Effort is Almighty'."
.....Sri P Parameswaran ji

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