Monday 12 December 2016

The Hindu View of Life-18

 Ideal Hindu Women
Shri Guruji believes that women had a very vital role in bringing about social cohesion and also in building up character in the society. For this, what was necessary was to emulate the heroic examples of womanhood in our history. It was not necessary nor is it advisable to borrow foreign models, which have no relevance in our country. On the contrary it will only disrupt our society and destroy our values. Two role models of women who could be emulated with great advantage, often quoted by Shri Guruji are 'Vidula' and 'Savitri'.

About 'Vidula' he says, "There is a beautiful anecdote narrated in Mahabharata. There was a queen by name 'Vidula'. She sent her son Sanjay to the war-field but the fellow became nervous and terror-stricken. He turned his back to the enemies and galloped to his capital. When Vidula saw her son in that crestfallen state she closed the entrance to the fort and severely chastised him. The conversation between the mother and the son has become famous as Vidula-Sanjay-Samvad, wherein Vidula instructs her son as to how a brave warrior should conduct himself on the battlefield. She then orders him to go back to war and return as a victorious hero. As the story goes, Sanjay sallied forth into the battlefield, displayed exemplary valour and came back to be received by his mother with honour.

The words of Kunti when the five Pandavas came to seek her blessings before proceeding to give battle are remarkable for their heroic tone. She says: Yadartham kshatriya soote tasya kaloyamagata: Na hi vairam samanaddhya sidamti purusharshabha: (The moment has arrived for which Kshatriya mothers give birth to sons. Lion-hearted men are not cowed down in the face of enemies.) "I am sure, if our mothers make a resolve to uplift the society, then there is no power, either in this world or the other, which can defeat them.

......Sri P Parameswaran ji

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