Saturday 3 December 2016

Hindu View of Life -9

Another insight that Shri Guruji brought into the activities of Sangh was the key role that Sanyasins and Dharma Gurus belonging to various sects and sampradayas had to undertake. Sanyasins were always held in the highest respect by the Hindu society everywhere, at all levels. They have a tremendous influence over the people's psyche. Their words and lives mould people and determine social values and behaviour. Every religious sect has its own head who is a Sanyasin or a Dharma Guru to whom its entire member pay obeisance. To a very large extent the Hindu social organization is their making. There are innumerable such sects under the respective Sanyasins.

Shri Guruji, knowing the pulse of the people, realized that the Hindu society could be effectively organized only if these large numbers of Sanyasins are taken into confidence and they also accept the need for an organized Hindu society. Social changes and reforms could be effectively brought about if these heads tune their activities in that direction. No worthwhile change for the better could be forced down the throat of the people by mere legislation. In India it had always been the responsibility of Dharmacharyas to bring about social changes. Evil customs could be abolished, new practices could be introduced and social integration could be brought about easily and smoothly if the Dharmacharyas took the lead.

Shri Guruji saw that the Hindu society was in very bad shape. Out-dated customs still prevailed; untouchability continued. There was stagnation all around. Masses of people were getting converted. Service mentality was lacking. Organized effort could not be initiated. Social consciousness and inner dynamism were lacking. More over new spiritual organizations were springing up with modern out look while the older ones, were unable to adjust themselves to modern requirements. Even the Mutt heads and mission heads were finding it impossible to come together due to age-old beliefs and traditions. Unity of purpose of the various spiritual heads was the need of the hour.

To bring them together on a common platform was a Herculean task, but that was the only way to strengthen the Hindu society. As Swami Vivekananda had stated, in order to achieve true national unity the scattered spiritual forces had to be brought together. Shri Guruji attempted the impossible and made it possible. Not only did they come together on a common platform, but also adopted unanimous resolutions and pledged to work for common objectives like the abolition of untouchability and social inequalities. In fact through the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Shri Guruji revived the millennia old practice of all the sampradayas and their heads coming together, explaining to each other their respective view points and creating a national consensus on the fundamental principles of  Sanatana Dharma while cherishing and nourishing the natural healthy diversities of beliefs, customs and practices. That was a unique contribution for which Shri Guruji will be remembered for all time to come. 

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