Thursday 8 December 2016

Hindu view of life -14

Shri Guruji was not a saint who saw a sin in every social evil. He was a social scientist who looked for the cause – effect relationship and sought to remedy the bad effect by removing the root cause. When the editor of the illustrated weekly of India told Shri Guruji that his next issue will be on the subject of prostitution and expressed the fear, that Guruji would not even touch it with a pair of tongs, Shri Guruji disarmed him by a candid explanation. Shri Guruji said, "It all depends upon how you bring out the issue, and what will be the idea behind it. If it is done only with a view to appeal to the low tastes of the public, then definitely no decent man will relish it. If it is brought out to throw light on the problem from various angles, then it should be read by one and all. It should also be recognized that this practice stems from a human weakness, which has made this profession a social need for thousands of years. As such, it is well nigh impossible to root out completely this profession. Then, the only approach to this problem would be to improve the conditions of those women who are in this profession, give them education, make them devoted to Dharma and God".

Shri Guruji believed that every Hindu, belonging to whichever caste, has a right for 'Yajnopaveta' and 'Gotra'. If they do not know their 'Gotra', have lost touch with it, they can be given the 'Gotra' of the priest. That was being done in the olden days and has sanction of the Shastras, Shri Guruji pointed out that in the shastras, it is also said that all those who do not come under any 'Gotra' belong to 'Kaashyap Gotra', because all are supposed to have been born from 'Kaashyap'. They should be given equal rights and footings in the matter of religious rites in temple worship, in the study of Vedas and in general in all our social and religious affairs. This according to him was the only right solution for all the problems of castism found in the Hindu society. Shri Guruji also submitted these suggestions to all the Sankaraachaaryas. Going a step further Shri Guruji was willing to accept Muslims and Christians desirous of returning to Hindu fold by giving them a 'Gotra' with some little 'Praayaschitha'. Sri P Parameswaran ji

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