Saturday 10 December 2016

Hindu View of Life -15

Shri Guruji had given considerable thought to serious questions of economic development like industrialization and had expressed his views which are in tune with our age old Bharateeya culture, fully taking into account the changed situation. For example, on the question of the pattern of industrialization Shri Guruji said, "Nationalization of industries means State Capitalism which is as good or as bad as Capitalism. I look forward to a system of Industrial Cooperatives wherein every member of the Cooperatives – why every member of the society at large – would understand both his responsibilities and obligations more than his rights and the way to evade duties.

Bharatiya culture lays stress on the duties and obligations of oneself to the community. I would like free Bharat to recapture that spirit. Small scale and home industries should be spread everywhere. They should feed the bigger centers of industry. For example, Japan's industrial structure is like that. In cycle industry each part can be separately made and assemblage can be done at one center. Only some specified industries pertaining to Defense etc, may be single large scale endeavours. This alone will ensure a harmonious build up of agriculture and industry. It will also help to eliminate the growing disparity between village and city life". 

Shri Guruji was not in agreement with those who considered industrialization, mechanization and economic progress as almost synonymous. To a question whether this approach is right, Shri Guruji replied, "That is the reason why the world is heading towards conflicts and wars. In the competition for the disposal of surplus production to other countries, conflict for markets develops after a stage. Fight ensues. Secondly, men are thrown out of work by machines. But this should not be. The Western theory of creating multiplicity of wants, more machinery to meet them and so on, will only result in making man the slave of machine. It should be clear that machine is for the happiness of man. It is like Bhasmaasur, and will destroy the maker if not held in control. Persons with moral force and wisdom can alone control and direct such a Bhasmaasur. Men with such sovereign authority must be able to guide the destiny of man". Sri P Parameswaran ji

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