Sunday 11 December 2016

Hindu View of Life -17

Shri Guruji's view on our leaders proclaiming India 'secular' is both interesting and instructive. "Emphasizing a state as secular, from the point of view of a Hindu, is superfluous. All these centuries in the past, we have been able to maintain religious harmony in the country. The state was only keeping a close watch to see that the people did not fall out and thus render the state weak. Otherwise all had their freedom of worship etc. That was the concept followed by Hindu ideology. But it was only in the interim period of Buddhist era that the state was nonsecular, i.e., theocratic. During that period, the resources of the state were being used for propagation of a particular persuasion and dissuading others from practicing their own. All these unfortunate things were done by the state in the name of Lord Buddha, i.e., out of a misunderstanding of what he had said. This was only an exception to the great current of our national life. Therefore the qualifying word 'secular' is superfluous and unwanted from our point of view".

Even on a subject like our constitution and the various amendments brought in frequently Shri Guruji's views are extremely sound. "My only regret is that the Government is setting bad precedents in the formative years of free Bharat. The articles of people's faith and objects of their reverence are being weakened one by one. The Constitution could have been made into a unifying and strengthening factor. They began wrongly by framing an elaborate Constitution too cumbrous for reverence. Even so it could have been developed into an object of respect if the Government itself had any regard for it. But nothing of the sort exists. There is an amendment every year. People get the impression that you can play with the Constitution as you like. Its sanctity has been violated.   I wish they had given an honest trial to the Constitution for at least 10 to 15 years. Then we would have known how it worked as it was and where to amend it for improvement. Actually the Government has been hammering away at it with out any second thoughts. That is why I said that the Government is setting bad precedents". Sri P Parameswaran ji

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