Friday 29 April 2016


ज्योतिषामपि तज्ज्योतिस्तमसः परमुच्यते।
ज्ञानं ज्ञेयं ज्ञानगम्यं हृदि सर्वस्य विष्ठितं l l १३.१७ l l

A responsible leader joins people not only in mind, logic, systems and thinking level, but more so at the root of the spirit of beings, i.e. he joins the hearts of all his people.

The team is in total harmony when people accept each other at the level of hearts. When hearts are joined the atmosphere of empathy, friendship and love pervades throughout the organisation.

The hearty team with hearty work experiences hearty happiness. The potential for mutual love  present in the hearts of all people is the inner light.
This is knowledge. This is what is to be known.
The joining of hearts of all people makes them equal partners and this equality is the goal of knowledge.

Thus the responsible leader and his responsible team become one and contribute by joining Hands, Heels, Heads and Hearts.
Harmony and happiness are the treasures of such a team.


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