Monday 4 April 2016

Indian way of spreading thought

Indians never went with swords in hand to transmit spirituality to the world. A land which considered the whole world as the expression of one's own self could not of course go on destroying or conquering others, as there is no 'other'. But then, how did India influence the world? It was by living the ideals that it stood for. The lives of people -not just the great or well known persons but even that of ordinary, unknown people radiated spiritual truths. Those who go out of India on visits as students or for work or to settle down in other countries have a great responsibility of living the great spiritual principles of our country. It is only by living these principles will we have the power to influence others. Within India we have to develop our society with Abhyudaya (Material well-being and development) and Nishreyas (Inner well being and evolution) so that people from all over the world would long to come here and learn. As they came in the past or as they come even now they would and should throng India in future to learn. The influence of India has always been silent. Says Swami Vivekananda,
Slow and silent, as the gentle dew that falls in the morning, unseen and unheard yet producing a most tremendous result, has been the work of the calm, patient, all-suffering spiritual race upon the world of thought. Once more history is going to repeat itself. (CWSV, vol.III, p. 239)

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