Friday 29 April 2016

Empower Team members

इति ते ज्ञानमाख्यातं गुह्याद्गुह्यतरं मया।
विमृश्यैतदशेषेण यथेच्छसि तथा कुरु।।१८.६३।।

A responsible leader assures freedom of choice to his team members.
Though he gives full knowledge, information and ideas about what is to be done and how, he finally leaves the options to the team members themselves.
He advises the member to do his own thinking, to consider all alternatives and choose the best one as per his own conclusion.

Thus the real leader does not impose decisions on his team, but after exposing various angles of the situation, leaves them to act as they choose.

Empowerment is ensuring  freedom to select 'what' is to be done. Delegation is the right to decide about how to complete an assigned work. Empowerment is the right to choose the work itself along with the right to decide how to do it.
A responsible leader empowers freedom. The empowered team members then choose the right work and the right way. When the empowered members of a team choose the right work and the right way they themselves become responsible leaders.

Then there is no difference between the leader and his team.


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