Wednesday 9 March 2016

What rebuilds society?

For India to be able to give her message of spirituality to the world, she needs to rebuild herself first. In order to achieve this Swami Vivekananda gives a four-dimensional, (simultaneous) process:
1. Internalize the eternal, unifying principles. Keeping these principles intact, all development should be thought about because, it is these principles that keep getting applied to the situations and circumstances and give a new meaning to everything. 
2. Develop and rebuild the systems based on these eternal and unifying principles. Development, progress is a must but that is to be achieved keeping in mind the unifying principles. That creates connect with all and in a way, development of all means development of one.
3. Sacrifice! Great things can be achieved only through great sacrifice. Tyagenaike amrtutatvamanashu:. It is through Tyaga alone, immortality is gained.
4. Never lose sight of the purpose of nation building. It is not the activity, but its intent that matters. 

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