Saturday 12 March 2016

We believe in Vedas

In one of his most soul-stirring speeches "Common Bases of Hinduism" at Lahore, Swami  Vivekananda focused on these unifying principles. These should be part of our knowledge and our drive for every work that we undertake for the good of our society. These six unifying principles which spring forth from the vision of Oneness are,

i. We all believe in the Vedas. By the Vedas is meant that knowledge which is eternal and not relative and does not depend on any personality or sensory perceptions. Rishis are not the authors of the Vedas, they are only seers. Thus we are not dogmatic. For example, we do not say, 'so and so has said it and so it should be followed.' Our religious (upasana) faiths are not personality-based but principle-based. Sister Nivedita writes in her introduction to the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, To him, all that is true is Veda."By the Vedas," he says, "no books are meant. They mean the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times. (CWSV, vol. I, p. xiii.)

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