Saturday 26 March 2016

The Mission of Bharat

Swami Vivekananda could see that his purpose of life was to remind India about her national mission -to give the vision of Oneness – the practical Vedanta to the world. Bharat has to be awakened to the purpose of its existence.  Swami Vivekananda predicted,
India, this motherland of ours — a voice is coming unto us, gentle, firm, and yet unmistakable in its utterances, and is gaining volume as days pass by, and behold, the sleeper is awakening! Like a breeze from the Himalayas, it is bringing life into the almost dead bones and muscles, the lethargy is passing away, and only the blind cannot see, or the perverted will not see, that she is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep long sleep. None can resist her anymore; never is she going to sleep anymore; no outward powers can hold her back any more; for the infinite giant is rising to her feet. (CWSV, vol. III, p. 146)
Call up the divinity within you, which will enable you to bear hunger and thirst, heat and cold. …You must give up. Be great. No great work can be done without sacrifice. The Purusha Himself sacrificed Himself to create this world. Lay down your comforts, your pleasures, your names, fame or position, nay even your lives, and make a bridge of human chains over which millions will cross this ocean of life. Bring all the forces of good together. Do not care under what banner you march. Do not care what be your colour — green, blue, or red — but mix up all the colours and produce that intense glow of white, the colour of love. Ours is to work. The results will take care of themselves.

I do not see into the future; nor do I care to see. But one vision I see clear as life before me, that the ancient mother has awakened once more, sitting on Her throne rejuvenated more glorious than ever. Proclaim Her to all the world with the voice of peace and benediction. (CWSV, vol. IV, pp. 353-54)
An awakened India, a rising India is not for the destruction of anyone but to help humanity move forward harmoniously in its spiritual march.

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