Monday 14 March 2016

Creation is cyclical

The third aspect that Swamiji tells in the 'Common Bases of Hinduism' is :

Creation is without beginning and without end. We know that time is not linear. We do not say that the world was created so many thousands of years before and would come to an end after such and such an event. We say time is cyclical and the creation is projected and withdrawn cyclically. So psychologically we do not have apocalyptic fears.

The discoverers of these laws are called Rishis, and we honour them as perfected beings. Here it may be said that these laws as laws may be without end, but they must have had a beginning. The Vedas teach us that creation is without beginning or end. Science is said to have proved that the sum total of cosmic energy is always the same. Then, if there was a time when nothing existed, where was all this manifested energy? Some say it was in a potential form in God. In that case God is sometimes potential and sometimes kinetic, which would make Him mutable. Everything mutable is a compound, and everything compound must undergo that change which is called destruction. So God would die, which is absurd. Therefore there never was a time when there was no creation. (CWSV :I:7 The Paper on Hinduism)

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