Saturday 19 March 2016

Rebuild society with modified systems

Based on these life-giving principles we have to rebuild our family systems, economic systems, educational systems, village systems, etc. Our Rishis always stated the Principles out of their personal experiment and experience and then followed it with giving it a form. For example there was a time when we had joint family system. In today's complex situation, if retaining the joint family system is difficult then what is the system that we could have which will keep the principle and spirit of joint family system intact and yet is practical in this age? What is it that we have to retain and what is it that we have to change with time?

This churning and accordingly rebuilding is required. We cannot just imitate Western systems, howsoever good these may be for the West; imitating them would be poison for us. Howsoever wrong our systems may appear today these were built on sound principles. We need to understand these principles. Keeping our vision of life, our identity intact the systems can change if required but we cannot lose our identity by imitating the systems of others which are based on a different outlook of life. Thus a great rebuilding task needs to be undertaken in all systems.

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