Friday 18 March 2016

Eternal values in Changing Society

These grand eternal six truths were realized in India and also were nourished, were lived in her national life. In every period of challenging situations, the people internalized and practiced these principles. What was eternal and should be preserved and what should be changed with time was known to all.

These grand principles of Shruti or the unifying principles are even today seen in the family and social life of India but they are not vibrant because these are not practised consciously but apologetically as part of tradition. The dust gathered on these great principles is held on to more tightly and followed meticulously as ultimate truth or tradition. Therefore, we need to internalize these principles and practice again. These principles should become a dynamic force in our life.

We have to come out of the hypocrisy and inferiority that generally a slavish race falls prey to. We say God is everywhere and so nature is sacred for us and yet we are defecating nature. We do not feel pain or any qualms in polluting rivers or felling trees or throwing waste anywhere. We may chant 'Tat Tvam Asi' but rarely do we tell our children that 'your life is to manifest the divinity within you'. Awakening to these eternal principles is required.

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