Monday 29 June 2015

Smt Mahua Dhar tells..

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji himself was a man from cadre. And therefore, for the growth of the RSS where he was Pracharak, he created excellent atmosphere in every home he went. Smt Mahua Dhar, wife of Dr Sujit Dhar who was extremely close to Ekanthji tells "

"Eknathji came to meet me even as the talks of my marriage with Dr. Sujit were in progress. He said to me in a teasing manner, "Mind you dear, even I cannot handle this would-be husband of yours; I wonder how you will be able to do it!" I realized the truth in those jesting words after I got married. It was an extraordinary experience to run the household with all the extended family of the Pracharak circle who were constantly with us. But they were so full of the superb qualities of concern and attachment that not only was I able to run the household happily but could also give plenty of time to my work of the Sevika Samiti.

Once, for some reason, I returned from the session of the Samiti in a gloomy and disappointed state of mind. Eknathji had come to visit us. On seeing me, he asked, "What's wrong my dear?"  At first I tried to evade the question, saying, "Nothing is wrong; I am alright…!" But I failed in my attempt, and I broke down completely in spite of myself. Thereafter, Eknathji comforted me gently and said, "From now onwards, think of me as your father…Whatever may be your problem, you can speak to me without fear…!"  He nurtured this relationship till the end."

- From the archives of Sri Arun Karmarkar Ji.

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