Monday 15 June 2015


|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji says Organization is created by a group of people with the same attitude, bound by an ideal and when they come together for the fulfillment of a mission, naturally they have to set aside their do's and don'ts. The curtailment of personal liberty is the natural consequence. This, as a matter of fact, is no curtailment, but according to some, it is a curtailment in a way.
He further elucidates- But, here arises a basic consideration about the loss of freedom everywhere in life. Is there not a denial of personal liberty when a man opts for a married life? There is disharmony and conflict even in a small organization like a family; it is but natural that more the people of various temperaments and different tastes in an organization, there is a possibility of a greater disharmony. But, into an organization, people come together drawn by a master thought and not by any individual. The thought or the ideal which can be regarded as the Mantra of the organization and the modus operandi, the main path to be followed for the achievement of the same which can be called as the Tantra lead to the systematic working of the organization. The Modus operandi is equally important. There can be many ways for the attainment of the goal but the principal path once determined has to be seriously and rigidly followed.
These are all very important aspects _ the thought as Mantra and the principal path as Tantra. Paying attention to them makes the Yantra - the karyakarta move ahead towards the fulfilment of the mission of the organisation.

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