Thursday 11 June 2015

All round SYBOM in Eknathji

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji now gives the crux of the SYBOM and how it helps the skillful organiser in expanding the organisation and making it stand on firm grounds. He says :

The cultivation and the development of the faculty of the systematic bent of mind leads to an organized and disciplined life. Every moment of life becomes precious and its purposeful utilization is sternly practiced. Every activity, whether small or big, becomes congenial to the furtherance of one's life and there is harmony, order, system and consistency throughout. Thus a social worker becomes successful in his duty to mobilize, to organize and to channelize the energies of the people who come in contact with him. He builds the organization on firm grounds.

We see Eknathji's this SYBOM when he was working in Snagh also. There he introduced the concept of Mandal and strengthened the RSS Shakha work. While in the work of construction of Vivekananda Rock Memorial, how he engaged best of the minds for taking care of all sorts of works also gives us idea about his style of functioning. The formation of Prantwise Samitis for collection of funds and later for Vivekananda Kendra also explicitly makes us known how systematic was his approach in each and everything.

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