Wednesday 17 June 2015

Ideal life

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji gives here deeper meaning of freedom and curtailment of freedom for a man with a mission - the karyakarta who has chosen this life for rebuilding Bharat as Ideal Social Order or Jagadguru.
He says : But what is the correct concept of freedom and the curtailment of freedom? The concept of freedom of an ordinary man of the world differs very much from the idea of freedom of an individual who has organized his own life round a goal; fulfillment of his mission is the only highest thing for him and he is prepared to undergo any number of hardships and to face any adversities for the achievement of the goal. He has laid certain limitations on himself out of his free will and desires to follow only those activities or behaviours which are conducive to his goal and to discard completely those which are either detrimental or harmful to his ideal.

Curtailment conveys the idea of restrictions imposed by somebody externally, according to his whims and those which are either against the law or ethics. Here, in the case of an organized person such limitations are not the impositions of anybody externally, but they are willingly accepted by him. As such, not only the idea of freedom differs in his case, but what people call as curtailment, is not in his case. No sooner has he chosen his goal than all selections and rejections are stopped to him and he has to follow the rigorous code of conduct, which according to others may be curtailment of personal liberty. He accepts a standard and together with it, he has accepted the limits. And this he does not do to favour others but to fulfill his own purpose. He has chosen a path for purposeful life and other paths are completely closed for him. What others call liberty is not liked and accepted by him. What others call bondage becomes an enlightened path for the man of idealism. Such behaviour may appear to be strange to others, but it is pleasant to him. People are prepared to stake their lives for an ideal. They choose to fast until death, which others may call as foolish. Thus, the values, the levels and the outlook differ. Life which is an expression of an ideal is far superior to a moment-to-moment life which has no purpose at all. The man of ideal has the confidence that his life is organized and he comes forth to bind together thousands and thousands in an organization to achieve the cherished goal.

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