Wednesday 24 June 2015

Concern through letters

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||

Mananeeya Eknathji always used to take care of the people in a special way. When Sri S K Achari - Sthapathi ji was asked to go to various places and see the architectural styles, knowing fully well he was from Tamil Nadu and was not knowing any other language but Tamil, Eknathji's letter to Sri Pratap Narayan dated 13.10.1966 is a special one. It tells us as to how to create congenial atmosphere in the minds of the people so that the work moves ahead by leaps & bounds.
Eknathji writes :

Shri S.K. Achari, the Sthapati (architect and engineer) of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial under construction, is reaching Agra on the 16th morning by Southern Express. He will be accompanied by Shri S.G. Padmanabhan, one of the Committee's whole timers, stationed at Kanyakumari to work as one of the members of the works sub committee appointed for supervising the day to day work there. Unfortunately, Shri Padmanabhan also, like Shri S.K. Achari, understand very little of Hindi. However, he, unlike Shri S.K. Achari, can freely talk in English. He will thus be able to help the Sthapati by interpreting to him in Tamil what he may gather from you people in English.


I request you to depute some one to guide or assist them. He should be able to explain things to Shri S.G. Padmanabhan in English. That will solve the difficulties, which they are likely to face in their present tour.

The sole purpose of Shri S.K. Achari's present visit to Agra is to study the motifs, designs and other architectural specialities in the Radha Swami Satsang Temple under construction there for the last over at least twenty years, if not more. You are, therefore, requested not to engage them in any programmes or meetings, formal or informal, and take their time, which is already limited. Apart from making their stay comfortable or, in other words, playing a good host – about which the Agra friends hardly need any advice or suggestions from any body – there is very little expected to be done by you during their stay. The Sthapati may also like to see the Taj and a few other works of some architectural value. As soon as their work at Agra is finished you will please arrange their further journey to Delhi and see that they get comfortable seats in the train. You are also requested to intimate to Shri Jyotiswarupji at Jhandewala in Delhi, regarding the train by which they will be reaching there.


The Sthapati, though almost unsurpassable by any body in his specialized art, he is most unassuming and of very simple habits. You may arrange his stay at Shri Shoharansinghji's place or at any of our workers' residence. You will understand the truth of my above description about Shri S.K. Achari at the very first sight of his, when you will find him alighting from the 'Sleeper Coach' of the Southern Express, at the Agra Station.

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