Sunday 30 November 2014


|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Eknathji's Mission
What is service? That service is the best and the noblest, which is performed with the attitude of total surrender to God. "He has endowed me with all the possible capacities and I must utilize every mite of the energy, power, intellect, strength, and all other possessions to the best of my ability for the glory of my SELF. It is the divine design that I should render service on His behalf.

Recently a  visit to Dr Hedgewar Hospital in Aurnagabad was eye opening. Here Seva is performed with the attitude of God's instrument.
The very novel idea that has been worked in the Hospital is 'SEVAVRATI'. People above 50 years who have either taken VRS or Retired are offering their services to the patients in the Hospital. The patients come from Rural Areas who do not know reading, writing. Coming from village in the big city is another difficulty as they are new to traffic, people and their behaviour. They need support, confidence, somebody of their own. And these Sevavratis do all the roles that the patient is in the need.
Taking them to Dr., after check up, bringing medicine, giving food, talking and confiding with them, checking blood group, etc etc.... a number of works indeed.
When a patient is taken to operation theater, all that goes inside the theater is conveyed to one's kith n kins so that they remain assured that their relation is being taken care.

Some wonderful incidents also happen. A grandmaa wished that before her death she should see her granddaughter married who had accompanied her. She expressed this to Sevavratis. They immediately found alliance, got her married and the grandmaa attained immortality with all happiness and satisfaction.

The Sevavratis - around 90 in number - treat themselves as God's instruments. They render services on behalf of the Divine. They bring their tiffin, work almost 12 hrs, do not take a penny, and Serve with Seva attitude. If sick, they stand in Q, pay amount and take medical assistance from Hospital.

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