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One Life One Mission : {part 2}

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
Win - Win Achievement   [cont ..]

How did Eknathji achieve this Win - Win Achievement ? We can speak volumes about it. But shall see it in few points.

Clarity of purpose. Many times we are just not sure what we want to do and we keep options that if this does not work out then I shall do that etc. Even when there was such stiff opposition Eknathji envisaged a grand memorial on the Rock. And he ensured that all those engaged in that work also had no doubts about it. The whole universe is interconnected – if we are focused, convinced then the favorable changes, movement takes place in cosmos to actualize our objective.

Attitude matters! And our attitude is our choice: Whatever may be the problems they cannot be solved by withdrawing from them. We have to face them. But while facing these difficulties our attitude should also be inclusive ie understanding and accepting the opponents. Inclusiveness does not mean that you should give up your dream but give up your negative attitude even about those who stop you, oppose you. Address to the goodness in others. We should not burn your bridges with them – they may become our best supporters in the future. That is what happened in the case of Eknathji - all the per-sons – the union minister who was opposing, the Chief Minister Sri Bhaktavatsalam and the local people all became admirers of Eknathji and enthusiastic partners in his mission. Remember, our attitude is always our choice!

Cordial Relations with all: We have to remember that the people around us become conduits for cosmic power to reach us so we should keep cordial relations with all. Eknathji could collect the signatures of 323 Members of the Parliament within three days! When so many MPs - all most all present in Delhi at that time - belonging to all regions, religions, communities signed the memorandum requesting for the permission for the Memorial on Rock, which popular leader can reject it?

Actionized Patience: Memorial got the permission but there were still many difficulties. Success does not come by avoiding difficulties. Success comes from transcending difficulties. When whole nation desires the memorial it could not be a mere statue encased in 15 feet by 15 feet room. But that is what the Chief Minister had told. But Eknathji had actionized patience – it means he would have patience to wait for the right moment or right decision but he would not keep quiet. He would go the root of the problem, would have all the background information to act upon and patiently wait for the right moment. Eknathji met Paramacharya ie– Shankara-charya Sri Chandrashekhrendra Saraswati as he knew that Sri Bhaktavatsalam highly venerated the Paramacharya. Paramacharya took keen interest and called the traditional Sthapati Sri S K Achari to make design for the proposed memorial. With that design Eknathji again came to Sri Bhaktavatsalam who told, 'Paramacharya has approved it so you go ahead with it.' Thus 15x15 memorial became 135x94!

Dynamics of Time and Energy: A person who wants to achieve something has to know the dynamics of time and energy. We see the youth wasting their time in many meaningless things. Many friends of Eknathji told him that, "Such a grand memorial how can you build? How will you transport the stones to the rock? From where the money will come? Your life would be spent on this.?" But Eknathji knew the secret of time and energy. Eknathji used to say, One Life One Mission! Life should be like an arrow without going here and there it should hit the target.

And really Eknathji saw to it that such grand memorial costing one crore 35 lakhs in those days got completed in record time of six years.

Vivekananda Kendra is celebrating the Birth Centenary year of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade, the Founder of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. The celebrations from 19 November 2014 to 19 November 2015 would be with the motto "One Life One Mission" - a chosen maxim of Eknathji. He was a great person in whose dictionary there was no word as 'impossible'. He used say that life should be like an arrow hitting the target. How? A new series of articles for one year titled "One Life One Mission" is being started for the very purpose.
 [ Ma. Niveditadidi's article in Yuva Bharati Nov'14]

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Freed from attachment, non-egoistic, endowed with courage and enthusiasm and unperturbed by success or failure, the worker is known as a pure (Sattvika) one. Four outstanding and essential qualities of a worker. - Bhagwad Gita : XVIII-26

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