Friday 3 February 2017

Meditations -7

Chakra Meditation:

Chakras means "wheel" and represent the major nerve plexi which branch off the spinal cord to serve the major organs of the body. Chakras represent a different level of energy manifestation and consciousness development.  Anusandhana means "discovery or search of the chakras". It is a simple way for beginners to explore the chakras self -tutored. It helps in awakening them gently, and in a balanced integrated way.


How To:

It can be done sitting, or lying. Close your eyes, adjust your body, clothing. Let the breath relax, slow and deepen, but do not control it. After a few minutes of settling in, commence Ujjayi pranayam, and carry on for some time Now bring awareness to the spinal passage, such that awareness of breath is from bottom to top, Spend a few minutes establishing this inner breath pattern up and down. Ascending with inhalation, descending with exhalation.

Begin to locate chakras within that channel. Need not pin point the exact location, just focus on general area.

Try to feel the location of each station and mentally repeat its name as you pass by it. On your way up mentally repeat from Mooldhara to Ajna, and way down reverse the order. Just before finishing let go of breath sound, then names. And chant mantra' 'Om' 3 times.



Awakening of Chakra can have its side effects. Excessive mental energy can be a problem with those who do not have abundant physical activity. Never meditate on one Chakra without qualified guidance. It can lead to an imbalance and cause personality problems.

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