Thursday 23 February 2017

आणि दोन हात...

While in Mumbai, we came across a book -....आणि दोन हात Dr Vi Na Shrikhande
It a biography of a Doctor who was known at world level for operations of Pancreas and Liver. While just scanning the book, we read....

One day a couple with their two year old son came to Dr and told him that the child needs operation of hernia. They were worried as the child is just two years of age. Dr told them that he had operated one of his own relative for similar operation when the child was just of two months old. They got confidence. After other tests, they were told to come next week. Just at that time Dr asked his father 'How many cigars you smoke?' Dr had seen cigarette packet in his pocket.

Dr further said 'You may ask me we have come for child's health and you need not ask me about the cigars I smoke. I do agree. You may get angry also. But I see the world around. How cigar smoke is creating pollution and how many people are becoming victims of cancer is well known to you. I would like you to stop smoking. It is not only for you but for my patient and more for your own son. We Dr, are not only Doctor to cure but your friend and philosopher and guide.'

Father gave an angry look. Came out and sitting in a big car, he left. He was a very rich person.

The next week, on appointed day, the child was operated successfully and  both father and mother were seen happy.

After six months, a lady came rushing and was asking for appointment of the Dr. She told,it is just a minutes work. She was allowed to see Dr. As soon as she entered Dr's cabin, Dr revognised her. She was seen very happy. She said : Dr, my husband is very angry person. His parents, in laws too were afraid of telling him to stop smoking. But after your reprimand, he stopped smoking. And I have come to express my gratefulness to you. My husband has stopped smoking fully. Your talk has brought more happiness to us and to our family.' She bowed down to Dr and left the cabin. 

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