Wednesday 25 January 2017

Republic Day 2017 - Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!!

Defense sector is an area that is usually seen with contempt by many Indians. Flailing PSUs that have churned out dummies after dummies in the name of indigenousness, foreign procurements mired in corruption, indecisiveness and ineptitude on behalf of our lawmakers and administrators so much so that we as a country cannot even make a name worthy rifle of our own.

But, there is hope. In the form of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP) and the Indian Navy

The Agni series, Prithvi series offer Indian its strategic and tactical nuclear offensive capabilities.

The Sub launched K-15 Sagarika (for the INS Arihant) completes the Indian nuke triad.

Now the Navy,  Apart from this big fat elephant

INS Vikramadithya (Gorshkov), The Indian Navy is a beacon of hope.

The Indian Navy and its acquisitions are a breed apart. Unlike the Army and the Airforce, the Navy always showed keen interest in getting its hands dirty with design and development of its equipment. The Directorate of Naval Design (DND)  was set up with that very motive.

Delhi class destroyers

Shivalik class frigates

Vikrant class Aircraft carriers:
STOBAR (Short Take Off But Arrested Recovery) aircraft carriers capable of handling supersonic jets (MiG-29k and LCA-Navy in our case) are a rare breed. India is the only Asian nation apart from 3 or 4 other countries in the world that has the ability to manufacture such carriers.

Arihant - SSBN (the crown jewel of the Indian Navy)
With Arihant we now have the ability to miniaturize a nuclear reactor to such a size that it can fit inside a submarine. This is huge.

With K-15/Sagarika and Arihant combo we can now launch a ballistic guided missile from a submarine!

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