Saturday 28 January 2017

Meditation -3

Views About Meditation

Swami Satyananda Said: "Yoga is meditation and meditation is yoga - Never forget it". Yoga and meditation can both be seen as processes and goals."

According To Swami Chinmayananda: "Meditation has been glorified as the most sacred vocation. Humans alone are capable of the highest effort, by which they can hasten their own evolution. In preparing ourselves for meditation, we should first acquire the ability to look within. You must learn to go about your daily routine and uninterruptedly watch the mind…Let it be a silent observer of the workings of your inner life and estimate the motives, intentions and purposes that lie behind your thoughts, words and deeds. "

As Swami Bhajananda says: "Meditation is not an entirely independent discipline but a stage in concentration common to almost all spiritual paths. In every path, the aspirant begins with a large number of thoughts in the mind. These gradually become reduced, and the aspirant reaches a stage when they exists only one thought in the mind. "

As Vethathiri Maharishi a spiritual teacher says: "Meditation is a scientific method of enhancing the capacity of the mind. It fixes the mind on one's magnetic force, enhancing the ability to focus. This is the key to self realization. "

Others: "The whole purpose of meditation is to make you aware of your kingdom, to make you aware of your highest potential."

"Meditation is the study of attention. Attention is cognitive phenomenon. Meditation is the capacity of the brain to attend to something over a period of time.

Swami Vivekananda said : Meditation is the power which enables us to resist all this. Nature may call us, "Look there is a beautiful thing!" I do not look. Now she says, "There is a beautiful smell; smell it! " I say to my nose, "Do not smell it", and the nose doesn't. "Eyes, do not see!" Nature does such an awful thing - kills one of my children, and says, "Now, rascal, sit down and weep! Go to the depths!" I say, "I don't have to." I jump up. I must be free. Try it sometimes. ... [In meditation], for a moment, you can change this nature. Now, if you had that power in yourself, would not that be heaven, freedom? That is the power of meditation

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