Monday 23 January 2017


We have infinite capacity to learn. Have we not seen a mother watching the progress of her child with wonder at his or her endless desire to learn. It is one of the joys of being a parent. There is a hunger and a frustration that accompanies the young child's eagerness to grow and learn. We have all watched a child struggle to walk. Again and again he tries—up on his feet, down on the floor, bumps and hurts, cries of pain or frustration—until at last he walks. At first he holds on to the offered hand for support and then he pushes it away. A child must go through the process in order to grow and gain a sense of achievement.

This fundamental principle applies to us as well. If real learning is to occur, each of us must reach out to others, then struggle and stretch to the limits of our own capacities, to feel the ultimate sense of achievement. Even a brief look back over the centuries of mankind's experience in mortality allows us to see the great learning that has come to us from others.

Remember, we have mental powers. We have infinite capacity to learn, ability to control our attitude toward learning and ability to adapt to and draw from the happenings of each day.

Can we just try this every moment?


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