Friday 20 January 2017

A Prayer

A Prayer for Those Who Wish to Serve the Divine

Glory to Thee, O Lord, who triumphest over every obstacle.

Grant that nothing in us shall be an obstacle in Thy work.

Grant that nothing may retard Thy manifestation.

Grant that Thy will may be done in all things and at every moment.

We stand here before Thee that Thy will may be fulfilled in us,

in every element, in every activity of our being, from our supreme heights to the smallest cells of the body.

Grant that we may be faithful to Thee utterly and for ever.

We would be completely under Thy influence to the exclusion of every other.

Grant that we may never forget to own towards Thee a deep, an intense gratitude.

Grant that we may never squander any of the marvelous things that are Thy gifts to us at every instant.

Grant that everything in us may collaborate in Thy work and all be ready for Thy realization.

Glory to Thee, O Lord, Supreme Master of all realization.

Give us a faith active and ardent, absolute and unshakable in Thy Victory.


Three typical modes of total self-giving to the Divine:

  1. To prostrate at His feet giving up all pride in perfect humility. (Let Thy Will be done and not mine.)

2.      To lay down one's being before Him, open entirely one's body from head to foot, as one opens a book, spreading out the centres so as to make all their movements visible in complete sincerity that allows nothing to remain hidden. (As Thou willest, as Thou willest)

3.      To nestle in His arms, melt in Him in a loving and absolute Trust. (I am Thine for eternity.)

--- The Mother

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