Friday 25 November 2016

True renunciation

True renunciation

Narendra said to the Master with a smile, referring to Bhavanath, "He has given up fish and betel-leaf."

MASTER: "Why so? What is the matter with fish and betel-leaf? They aren't harmful.  The renunciation of 'woman and gold' is the true renunciation.

"Where is Rākhāl ?"

A DEVOTEE: "He is asleep, sir."

MASTER (with a smile): "Once a man went to a certain place to see a theatrical performance, carrying a mat under his arm.  Hearing that it would be some time before the performance began, he spread the mat on the floor and fell asleep.  When he woke up it was all over.  (All laugh.) Then he returned home with the mat under his arm."

Ramdayal was very ill and lay in bed in another room.  The Master went there to inquire about him.

About four o'clock in the afternoon some members of the Brahmo Samaj arrived.  The Master began to converse with them.

Study of scriptures for the beginner

A BRAHMO: "Sir, have you read the Panchadasi?"

MASTER: "At first one should hear books like that and indulge in reasoning.  But later on-

Cherish my precious Mother Syama
Tenderly within, O mind;
May you and I alone behold Her,
Letting no one else intrude.

"One should hear the scriptures during the early stages of spiritual discipline.  After attaining God there is no lack of knowledge.  Then the Divine Mother supplies it without fail.

"A child spells out every word as he writes, but later on he writes fluently. 

"The goldsmith is up and doing while melting gold.  As long as the gold hasn't melted, he works the bellows with one hand, moves the fan with the other, and blows through a pipe with his mouth.  But the moment the gold melts and is poured into the mould, he is relieved of all anxiety.

"Mere reading of the scriptures is not enough.  A person cannot understand the true significance of the scriptures if he is attached to the world.Though with intense delight I learnt many poems and dramas,I have forgotten them all, entrapped in Krishna's love.

"Keshab enjoys the world and practises yoga as well.  Living in the world, he directs his mind to God."

A devotee described the Convocation of Calcutta University, saying that the meeting looked like a forest of human heads.

MASTER: "The feeling of the Divine is awakened in me when I see a great crowd of people.  Had I seen that meeting, I should have been overwhelmed with spiritual fervour."

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