Saturday 19 November 2016

Ishavsyopanishad - 16

Mantra 16

पूषन्नेकर्षे यम सूर्य प्राजापत्य व्यूह रश्मिन्समूह तेज:

यत्ते रूपं कल्याणतमं तत्ते पश्यामि योSसावसौ पुरुषः सोSहमस्मि ||१६||

O All-sustaining Lord! O Wise One! O Controller of all! O Absorber of everything! O Son of Prajapati! Collect and remove your rays; let me behold that most auspicious luminous form of yours, for I am that purusha within you.

The prayer implies that the realisation of the Self is not attained as a result of begging or borrowing, but it is the attainment of what belongs to oneself. It is the inheritance of one's right and becoming what truly befits oneself and in fact what oneself is. However much one may beg or pray, one cannot get what is not one's. Hence Self-realisation is knowing oneself.

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