Tuesday 1 November 2016

Duties - The Master Says....

MASTER: "A holy man who has renounced the world will of course chant the name of God.  That is only natural.  He has no other duties to perform.  If he meditates on God it shouldn't surprise anybody.  On the other hand, if he fails to think of God or chant His holy name, then people will think ill of him.

"But it is a great deal to his credit if a householder utters the name of the Lord.  Think of King Janaka.  What courage he had, indeed! He fenced with two swords, the one of Knowledge and the other of work.  He possessed the perfect Knowledge of Brahman and also was devoted to the duties of the world.  An unchaste woman attends to the minutest duties of the world, but her mind always dwells on her paramour.

"The constant company of holy men is necessary.  The holy man introduces one to God."

KEDĀR: "Yes, sir.  The great soul is born in the world for the redemption of humanity.  He leads others to God, just as a locomotive engine takes along with it a long train of carriages.  Or again, he is like a river or lake that quenches the thirst of many people."

The devotees were ready to return home.  One by one they saluted the Master.  At the sight of Bhavanath Sri Ramakrishna said: "Don't go away today.  The very sight of you inspires me." Bhavanath had not yet entered into worldly life.  A youth of twenty, he had a fair complexion and handsome features.  He shed tears of joy on hearing the name of God.  The Master looked on him as the embodiment of Narayana.


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