Saturday 19 November 2016

Ishavasyopanishad - 17

Mantra 17

वायुरनिलममृतमथेदं  भस्मान्तं शरीरम् |

ॐ क्रतो स्मर कृतं स्मर क्रतो स्मर कृतं स्मर ||१७||

Let the breath go to the immortal prana. Let the body be reduced to ashes. O mind, remember your deeds.

This is a prayer for the dissolution of the individual principle of breathing, i. e., the individual prana, in the cosmic immortal prana or hiranyagarbha. The body is burnt and goes to the earth. The meaning is that the effects shall go to the causes. The subtle body purified by karma and upasana rises to the Sun in order to pass through it. The word kratu means sacrifice or the divinity of the sacrifice or upasana or the divinity of upasana or the mind that performs the upasaria. Kratu is a sacrifice, and upasana also is a sacrifice, because it is an act. The actions done by a person are witnessed by the divinity presiding over the sacrifice. The prayer is to this divinity so that He may remember what fate is to befall this person after death in accordance with his actions. Here Agni is prayed to as the chief priest of the sacrifice and the witnessing divinity of the sacrifice. It may also be a prayer to the mind to remember its deeds like upasana, etc., for the time of remembering has now come. 

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