Saturday 1 October 2016

Worship of the Divine Mother


Worship of the Divine Mother is one of the oldest forms of worship known to humanity.  In prehistoric times, God was worshipped as the Divine Mother all over the world.  Evidences for Mother Worship have been recovered in different places in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.  But it is only in India that Mother worship went beyond the framework of a cult and became a full-fledged living religion supported by an advanced theology, scriptures, rites, customs and festivals which are followed by millions of people even in modern times.  And in Bengal, worship of God as Mother attained the highest form of a cultural refinement and ritual sophistication, and became the dominant faith and practice of the people.


Sri Ramakrishna used to say: ''To look upon God as Mother is the purest and the highest form of Sadhana'' (Matribhav shuddha bhav, sadhanar shesh katha).  Why did he say that?  Because Mother's love is the most unselfish and unconditional form of human love.  For a child, mother is all sufficient: apart from giving birth, she provides everything that the child needs - nourishment, protection, warmth, comfort, training, education.  To look upon God as Mother is to make God all-sufficient in one's life.  It is a very natural, intimate and purest form of relationship.

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