Tuesday 18 October 2016

Story of Govindaji's priests

Sri Thakur tells

"The priests in the temple of Govindaji at Jaipur were celibates at first, and at that time they had fiery natures. 

Once the King of Jaipur sent for them, but they didn't obey him.  They said to the messenger, 'Ask the king to come to see us.'

After consultation, the king and his ministers arranged marriages for them.  From then on the king didn't have to send for them.  They would come to him of themselves and say: 'Your Majesty, we have come with our blessings.  Here are the sacred flowers of the temple.  Deign to accept them.' They came to the palace, for now they always wanted money for one thing or another: the building of a house, the rice-taking ceremony of their babies, or the rituals connected with the beginning of their children's education.


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