Thursday 27 October 2016

Life of worldliness

About nine o'clock in the morning the Master was seated in his room with Rakhal, M., and a few other devotees.  It was the day of the new moon.  As usual with him on such days, Sri Ramakrishna entered again and again into communion with the Divine Mother. 

He said to the devotees: "God alone exists, and all else is unreal.  The Divine Mother has kept all deluded by Her maya.  Look at men.  Most of them are entangled in worldliness.  They suffer so much, but still they have the same attachment to 'woman and gold'.  The camel eats thorny shrubs, and blood gushes from its mouth; still it will eat thorns.  While suffering pain at the time of delivery, a woman says, 'Ah! I shall never go to my husband again.' But afterwards she forgets.

"The truth is that no one seeks God.  There are people who eat the prickly leaves of the pineapple and not the fruit."

DEVOTEE: "Sir, why has God put us in the world?"

MASTER: "The world is the field of action.  Through action one acquires knowledge.  The guru instructs the disciple to perform certain works and refrain from others.  Again, he advises the pupil to perform action without desiring the result.  The impurity of the mind is destroyed through the performance of duty.  It is like getting rid of a disease by means of medicine, under the instruction of a competent physician.

"Why doesn't God free us from the world? Ah, He will free us when the disease is cured.  He will liberate us from the world when we are through with the enjoyment of 'woman and gold'.  Once a man registers his name in the hospital, he cannot run away.  The doctor will not let him go away unless his illness is completely cured."

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