Friday 28 October 2016

SHUBH DEEPAVALI - Sri Thakur says

Incarnation of  God

"The rishis followed the path of jnāna.  Therefore they sought to realize Brahman, the Indivisible Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute.  But those who follow the path of devotion seek an Incarnation of God, to enjoy the sweetness of bhakti.  The darkness of the mind disappears when God is realized.  In the Purana it is said that it was as if a hundred suns were shining when Rama entered the court.  Why, then, weren't the courtiers burnt up? It was because the brilliance of Rama was not like that of a material object.  As the lotus blooms when the sun rises, so the lotus of the heart of the people assembled in the court burst into blossom."

As the Master uttered these words, standing before the devotees, he suddenly fell into an ecstatic mood.  His mind was withdrawn from external objects.  No sooner did he say, "the lotus of the heart burst into blossom", than he went into deep samādhi.  He stood motionless, his countenance beaming and his lips parted in a smile.

After a long time he returned to the normal consciousness of the world.  He drew a long breath and repeatedly chanted the name of Rama, every word showering nectar into the hearts of the devotees.  The Master sat down, the others seating themselves around him.

MASTER (to the devotees): "Ordinary people do not recognize the advent of an Incarnation of God.  He comes in secret.  Only a few of His intimate disciples can recognize Him.  That Rama was both Brahman Absolute and a perfect Incarnation of God in human form was known only to twelve rishis.  The other sages said to Him, 'Rama, we know You only as Dasaratha's son.'

"Can everyone comprehend Brahman, the Indivisible Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute? He alone has attained perfect love of God who, having reached the Absolute, keeps himself in the realm of the Relative in order to enjoy the divine lila.  A man can describe the ways and activities of the Queen if he has previously visited her in England.  Only then will his description of the Queen be correct.  Sages like Bharadvaja adored Rama and said: 'O Rama, You are nothing but the Indivisible Satchidananda.  You have appeared before us as a human being, but You look like a man because You have shrouded Yourself with Your own maya.' These rishis were great devotees of Rama: and had supreme love for God."


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