Friday 11 December 2015

The Key of Leadership

Once there lived a Zen master named Bei Shirui. The master was young and had a big group of disciples. Xue Shuntuo is one the best disciple of the whole group.
Xue use to spend most of his time serving his master. As the days passed by, Xue became as disciplined as his master. Once he felt that he is as good as his disciple, but wondered why he is not respected like his master.
Xue's question kept on pestering him for long. One day he decided to ask his master about this. When all the day's proceedings were over and the master was about to go to sleep, Xue asked his master - "Master! I have a question, can I ask?" The master replied - "go ahead Xue". And Xue asked - "From the dawn to dusk I'm there with you and do all the work as you and some times more than what you do. And what differentiates me from you?".
The master laughed and replied - "Xue, the answer is very simple - When I pray, I pray. When I eat, I eat. When I listen, I listen" and Xue thanked his master and continued his work.

What made Master to be the Master?
What made Xue to remain disciple?
What is the key of Leadership?

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