Monday 7 December 2015

Inter-personal relationship

  Human weaknesses are a truth, but the divinity of human beings, a higher truth. We keep travelling from lower to higher, from the ridiculous to sublime, from meanness to generosity, from hurt to forgiveness. This journey, though inner and hence, invisible, has its outer and visible expression. For, it is the inside that becomes the outside. As this 'inner' keeps evolving, becoming wiser and purer, the 'outer' also experiences this change.
Inter-personal relationship is a manifestation of this inner man. What a man does 'outside'  is an expression of his state of being. The more calm, deep, pure and integrated a person is in his inner life, the greater is the expression of honesty, love, compassion and understanding in his dealings with other human beings. One is the cause and the other is the effect. Inter-personal relationships, thus, begins inside first.

-Vedanta Kesari editorial, Dec 2006

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