Wednesday 23 December 2015

India as a Laboratory

Dr R A Mashelkar ji advises all of us to have Innovation, Compassion & Passion in all the works that we are doing.

And finally, what are the three qualities I would like to see you imbibe because that is something that has stood me in good stead. And it is again Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram- three things which are connected to your body. One is innovation, the mind, the brain. The second is passion; passion in the belly and third is compassion.-compassion in the heart. 

Many nations, many societies, many individuals may be very passionate, they may very innovative but if they have no compassion, they are missing something.     I think that the future citizens of India have to imbibe these three qualities. And particularly compassion is very important for this country for the simple reason that we have to create an 'inclusive' society, not an 'exclusive' society. We talk about 8%, 9% growth. It has to be "inclusive growth"; it has to be innovation led inclusive growth, which 'includes' all those unfortunate 'excluded' – all those poor, those deprived, those have-nots.

 When I look at all of you, I see unbelievable potential. I think the big challenge that we have is how do we unleash the potential of a billion plus in India. I like to look at not national laboratories but nation as a laboratory, India as a laboratory.


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