Thursday 10 December 2015

Proceed towards the TRUTH

We must proceed towards the Truth. There are many approaches to It. The soul is following a certain trend of evolution, and sometimes it goes up and sometimes down, but the net result must be forward progress. There must be a system in our movement. Our ideas must be clear and systematized. They may be childlike at first, but they must not be hazy or indefinite. Our conception of the Divine must grow more and more as we proceed.


The first step is to find out where we stand. Find out your relation to God, the soul, and the universe. To begin with, let us stand where we are and perform our duties of life. Our concept of duty evolves as we evolve, but purity and devotion to God are fundamental. We must get a better conception of ourselves, of what we are and then think how to bring about a change in ourselves. Changes are seldom uniform. We have ups and downs, but we must be progressive, grow better. If we are dragged down, we must move upwards again. We have our moods. But we should have one dominant mood – the calm, spiritual mood. If we are angry we should at least not be angry with our whole mind. Keep at least a part of the mind under control. Learn how to remain unaffected. Maintain your mental balance. Can true religion bring this about?


In everyone there is restlessness for something higher, the hunger of the soul. The fact of 'soul hunger' is there deep below. Temporarily we may forget it, but again comes that yearning in the soul.

...... Swami Yatishwarananda


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