Wednesday 23 May 2018


यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

Reading and writing are not in themselves education. The power to use them well is vastly more important than the things themselves. A woman in whom the great compassion is awakened, a woman who understand the national history, a woman who has made some of the great Tirthas and has a notion of what her country looks like, is much more truly and deeply educated than one who has merely read much.

"Awake! Awake!" means, first of all, awake to the great multiform consciousness, let everything that is Indian breathe and work through you. Identify yourself, in thought, day by day, with all sorts of strange beings and strange interests, recognizing that they, with you, possess equally the common home. Dedicate some part of every puja, to this thought of the Mother who is Swadesh. Lay a few flowers before Her, pour out a little water in Her name. Think of her children, your own kindred, who are one in need. Let your hearts go out in infinite pity. "Mother and Motherland," says the proverb, "is better than Swarga!" Ah, the sorrow for those who are a hungered, and cannot feel this joy!

"Awake! Awake!" Rise up and get ye knowledge, womanhood of India! Womanhood of Bengal! Learn of your own past. Only so can you realize your future. Learn of your country and her needs. Only by this can you train your judgment, your will and power of choice. Only by growing knowledge can the heart be enriched, and thought become clearer.

"Awake! Awake! "' Be free and work. Let unselfishness guide the hand, and love inspire the will. So shall no sacrifice be defeated, and every movement shall avail. No bondage shall hinder those who have risen to this height. No ignorance shall stand. No vastness of the task before them shall dismay. "Bande Mataram."

To be continued........

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