Saturday 26 May 2018

{Daily Katha:1526} WOMAN IN MODERN INDIA - 3

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

All the problems of today have to be attacked on a national scale. The problem of problems is the achievement of nationality itself. But in this matter of the education of women, it will be well if our men can remember exactly what part of the task is its core and essence. Let us talk with our womankind about the affairs of the country. Let us appeal constantly to their growing judgment and enthusiasm. Let us create those qualities in them, if they do not already exist, by believing steadfastly in the Atman who is within all. The doctrine of the divinity of the human soul has no meaning whatever if it is not this, that each one of us, man or woman, high or low, learned or ignorant, is in spirit the Pure, the Free, the All wise, and that the one help we can render another is to evoke this realization in its fullness.

Daily the life of our Indian womanhood is shrinking. Day by day, their scope is being lessened. Unless we can capture for them the new world of expression, they will steadily continue to lose more and more of the world they had. If Sita and Savitri are ever to be born of Indian mothers, we must create new types for them, suited to the requirements of the modern age. Gandhari must live again, with new names to think of, but all the ancient faith and courage, steadfastness and sacrifice. Damayanti must return, and Draupadi, the fit wife for Yudhishthira, king of justice.

Awake ! Awake ! The greatness of Indian womanhood must be the cry of Indian men.

To be continued........

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