Monday 21 May 2018


यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

Sons of the Indian past, awake !
From Jagannath to Dwarakanath,
From Kedaruath to Comorin,
Are ye not One ?

Your history, look ye, dieth not.
In you today lives all the greatness of your past,
Awake then, and arise !
Struggle ye on and stop not till the goal is reached !
Marshall ye in your armies !
March forth in your hosts !
Are ye not One ?

Children of one Motherhood,
Nurslings of one land,
Brethren of a single home,
Are ye not One ?

Sons of Bengal, heirs of ancient Magadh,
The one-time centre of a ring of sovereigns,
You who sent forth the word that bred strong peoples,
You who bore Gospels East and North and South,
You who created scriptures and made great learning,
Shall ye be nought,
My children of Bengal !
Lo the past lives in you !
Are ye not One ?

Sons of Ajodhya, children of Benares,
Dwellers in far-famed shrines and regal towns,
Awaken and arise ! In you lives all your past
Are you not One ?

Sons of Gurus ! People of the Prophet,
Children of heroes, strong and austere !
Even ye are One !

Rajput, Mahratta, Sikh, Mussulman and Dravid,
Is not your past yours ?
Fear not machines !
Assert the mind that lives, in you;
Include, create, assault and take by might
The strongest city of the mind of man.
Be not content to crawl
But leap ye high.

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