Sunday 11 February 2018

Sister Nivedita: Vajra Shakti - 3

यतो धर्म: ततो जय: 

We need to acknowledge the vajra shakti, thunderbolt power, that Nivedita was. This power is speaking to us through its charges of brilliance even today through the numerous women who are excelling in their pursuits. All of them have minuscule specks of Nivedita in them. The greater Nivedita has pervaded into so many smaller Niveditas. The best way to commemorate Nivedita would be to celebrate the excellence of women in no matter how small a venture. If an Indian woman writes well and with power, Nivedita writes through her. If an Indian woman displays her expertise in any of the performing arts, Nivedita performs through her. And, if an Indian woman educates naturally through her maternal instinct, Nivedita teaches through her.

The need of the hour is to critically analyse the writings of Sister Nivedita, especially her letters. It is unfortunate that till date, there is no comprehensive biography that covers her multi-dimen-sional personality. Though Nivedita was the truest offering ever possible, the age-old Indian orthodoxy has distanced Indian minds from her and has made them see her only as an outsider, who came to learn and help. To call Nivedita an outsider to India is to betray one's lack of patriotism. She is an outsider to India only as much Swamiji is.

Many Indian institutions of national importance like the Indian Institute of Science would never have seen the light of day but for Nivedita's untiring efforts. And yet, we have dismissed her as a forgotten figure, who is not even granted enough pages in history textbooks or studies. The post modern penchant that haunts the aspiring intellectual has reduced many a national icon to a faint memory of no importance. It is a grave injustice to the cause of India that such is the fate of Nivedita's writings. If not anything more, her writings would bring the much-wanted sincerity in individual and public discourse that has plagued India and has forced its administrators to launch desperate drives to protect its sanctity. Nivedita calls upon us to try to know India. Through her, everyone can become a patriot of India irrespective of the country of birth.

(Prabudhdha Bharat January 2017)
हमें कर्म की प्रतिष्ठा बढ़ानी होंगी। कर्म देवो भव: यह आज हमारा जीवन-सूत्र बनना चाहिए। - भगिनी निवेदिता {पथ और पाथेय : पृ. क्र.१९ }
Sister Nivedita 150th Birth Anniversary :
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