Tuesday 27 February 2018

Sister Nivedita: The Dedicated - Who gave her all to India – 34

यतो धर्म: ततो जय:

Nivedita as Agnishikha in Freedom Movement - 2

After the partition of Bengal, the political scene became very hot. The people protested against the partition, they could see the seeds of British's 'Divide and rule' policy in it. The political differences between moderates and nationalists developed into an open clash.

Nivedita was helping the revolutionaries like Barindra Ghose, Hem Chandra Das, Ulhaskar Dutta, Bhupendranath Dutta etc. Those who wanted to know and experiment in making of bombs also sought help from Nivedita. Hem Chandra Das was sent to France to learn about explosives. Nivedita daringly smuggled two young revolutionaries in the laboratories of Presidency college as assistants to Jagdish Chandra Bose and P. C. Roy who was the professor of Chemistry. P. C. Roy noticed that some of his assistants worked late night in laboratories but he asked no question. The only trouble was they used too much acid. He quietly tidied up after them and cleaned the blackboard carefully. However, he never made any comment. Nivedita was very grateful to him for that.

These young revolutionaries adored Nivedita. Once when Nivedita went to Belur for the celebration of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the people gathered on lawn saw her on the balcony of Swamiji's room were overjoyed and urged her to speak to them. 'Shall I?' she turned to others to ask and moving in the position. Immediately one alert young revolutionary said, 'Don't speak just give your blessings'. She understood the police hidden in the crowd were watching and listening. So she just joined her hands above the head and cried, 'Wahe Guru ki fateh'.

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