Sunday 19 April 2015

Suniyojit Samparka

|| योग: कर्मसु कौशलम् ||
The right person at right place is all needed to bring results. Mananeeya Eknathji used to wait till the right person  whom he wanted gives ok. During collection campaign for Vivekananda Rock Memorial, the formation of committee in Maharashtra shows Eknathji's unique approach in Suniyojit Samparka. In his own words :

We had not formed a Committee in Maharashtra for full six months. The people were saying : "Well, as you are starting the collection campaign, you form a Committee early; otherwise there will be difficulties. Time is ripe. Don't delay". But then, I wanted Shri S.K. Patil, the then Railway Minister, to be the President. Till he agreed to it, I did not want to form a Committee. How to make him accept it? Who is his friend? Shri Sawant. How to approach him? Another gentleman is a friend of Shri Sawant. Who is the friend of that person? In this way I started from A to B to go to C and through him to D. It took six months. Ultimately Shri S.K Patil became the President. When approached, Shri V.P. Naik said: "If Shri Patil becomes President, I will be Vice-President". Shri Naik thought that Shri Patil was not likely to agree.

But when he became President, Shri Naik automatically agreed to become the Vice-President. Shri Sawant, Shri Chaudhuri and many other important persons also joined and a Committee was formed. Not in a hurry. Full six months we took, to get one man after another on whom our eyes were set!

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